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Smart Kids


Smart Kids is curriculum based Interactive Audiovisual Educational Material for pre-school and school level students. Smart Kids, developed with the concept of learn with fun, is first of its kind in Nepal.

Smart Kids adopts sound background in technology and teaching with thorough knowledge of child psychology. Smart Kids is highly interactive, illustrative and dynamic, enhances self-study and is meant as reference for classroom teaching.


Smart Kids is available in the form of CD ROM.

Availabe for

•Play Group/nursery
•Grade I
•Grade II
•Grade III
•Grade IV
•Grade V
•Grade VI
•Grade VII
•Grade VIII
•Grade VIII
•Grade IX

Audio and Visual Presentations
Each Chapter of curriculum is explained with the help of animated audio and visual. This will motivate students to learn. Audio and visual learning proven worldwide is the best methodology. Anything seen than heard influences better memory. So we have applied this universal accepted logic to our products.

Drills & Quizzes
Interactive and extensive drills and quizzes for all topics are provided. This will access the student’s understanding of each topic. Hints and explanations of the drills and quizzes are provided for reference. This includes; Match the following, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choices, Drag and Drop and so on. All are presented as such that students can enjoy judging themselves.


Students as moving through the chapter can enjoy the Games related to the chapter. This shall impact the student psychology to learn more and more because every game we have presented are highly productive and completely

Chapter Wise Summary is presented which assists the students to revise
the whole chapter in a Snapshot. During the examination time students can
quickly revise the whole chapter using this tool. Summary can also be utilized
to constantly revise the chapter, in case, to keep memorizing what students
have learned.

Main Points to Remember
Main points to remember is another add-on feature of MiTA Instructor where
important points of the particular lesson is listed and explained with audio-
visual assistance. This is another snapshot of the chapters where students
once again can revise their study by themselves

Extension of Knowledge
Contents related to the lessons but not tought in class are presented in this

Sample Questions
For each chapter, Sample Questions are placed for the students to practice.

Important definitions are listed in this section.


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