AB Tronic


Want to get a flat, sexy stomach without struggling on exercise equipment OR ever going to the gym?

Want to get jaw dropping, rock hard abs without doing a single crunch?

Well, now you can CHANGE your life WITHOUT ‘CHANGING YOUR LIFE’.


Introducing the all new Abtronic X2. The breakthrough fitness system that’ll revolutionize the way you work out, forever. The secret is Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS. A scientifically proven technique that actually generates ‘active muscle contractions’. Meaning it does the AB work for you —-so you don’t have to! EMS was originally developed for physiotherapists to help rehabilitate patients with muscle injuries. Now, it’s been applied to the fitness industry to get you the abs you’ve always dreamed of. With nearly 5 million of the original Systems sold in 87 countries, Now the Abtronic engineers have pushed the technology even further with the next generation — Abtronic X2.

You’ll feel the Abtronic X2 toning your abs right away and see dramatic results after just a few work outs.

EMS is scientifically proven to work. THIS major University Study shows that the electro muscle stimulation technology that’s used in the Abtronic x2 is almost 7 times more effective than exercise. Look, Thermogrpahic imaging proves the Abtronic actually generates superior muscle stimulation compared with traditional exercise.


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