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Shree Yantra


Maa Mahamaya Tripur Sundri’s Shree Yantra is the symbolic form of all God and Goddess. It was owned by Lord Brahma and adored by Lord Vishnu. It shows the origin and formation of universe. It has its root with the Art of Vastu. All construction based on Vastu must have Shree Yantra in it.


This is heralded as the most superior yantra in our epic. With its presence full environment is charge with spiritual vibrations, which gives a positive aptitude and special aura to the full surrounding. It is very authentic yantra to bring prosperity and peace in life-as it is mentioned in Vedas. When pandavas were in exile shattered by all miseries and misfortunes, queen Draupadi prayed Lord Krishna to come to their rescue Lord Krishna listened to pray and appeared. He assured them that has brought remedy to put an end to all their misfortunes. Lord Krishna opened his palm showing them Shree Yantra and describes its great importance by saying that will take them out of all miseries and misfortunes and help them to get renown all lost fortunes.


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